Michelle Torres @nmicht • she/her

Engineering Leader Educator Speaker Free & Open Source advocate Foodie & Traveler


I am an Engineering Leader focused on empowering and supporting leaders and engineers to deliver exceptional results.

I worked for several years as an individual contributor and as a tech lead. I was a Bachelor of Computer Science teacher for ten years at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

I am committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech. I speak at conferences and share my experience and knowledge in any possible way. I love talking about open-source, free software, leadership, career development, collaboration, and software development.

I ran a blog and a video channel with content for students and people interested in learning web development. Unfortunately, it is currently idle.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, trying new food, reading a good book, and traveling.

What's next?

Support and sponsor one FLINTA* at a time in their tech career.

As my mom always says: "One step at the time" and "Perseverance is my strength".